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Licensed Clinical Social Worker Job Overview

Updated: Sep 7

Seeking LCSW(A)s to provide psychotherapy to help clients across NC tackle anxiety, depression, and other mental health related challenges wherever they are.

Description: We seek Clinical Social Workers (Psychotherapists) as Genesis Balance Clinicians to assist individuals throughout NC in effectively dealing with and conquering mental and emotional challenges. These professionals listen attentively to clients, pose inquiries to comprehend their issues, and devise strategies to enhance their well-being. In addition to diagnosing and treating clients, Genesis Balance Clinicians aid in developing coping mechanisms. They offer counseling, support, and monitoring services to clients individually and in group settings while connecting them with community resources.

Successful candidates possess exceptional written and verbal communication abilities and outstanding interpersonal skills when dealing with clients, colleagues, and community resources. They demonstrate compassion and care towards clients while exhibiting excellent time management and organizational abilities. They are adept at prioritizing tasks efficiently and are comfortable working in a fast-paced environment with multiple clients. Additionally, they excel at organizing and managing large volumes of files, schedules, dates, and information. These individuals remain composed and maintain a positive attitude while being self-directed and self-motivated. They are at ease in establishing personal connections and are dedicated to assisting others, displaying empathy, and providing support through mentorship and leadership skills.


Position: Licensed Clinical Social Work - LCSW(A)

Work Commitment: Part-Time (1 - 12 Hrs.) / Full-Time (24 - 30 Hrs.)

Schedule Availability: Flexible

Schedule Structure: Employee Makes Own Schedule

Location: NC

Work Environment: Fully Remote / Virtual Sessions

Pay Rate: $30 - $75/hour

Key Benefits: Paid Training | Paid Time-Off | Healthcare



  • Diagnose client mental and emotional disorders.

  • Working and counseling groups, communities, and individual clients.

  • Evaluate clients through conversations, interviews, and observations to determine correct testing or examination.

  • Developing a treatment plan may include counseling, medication, or other services.

  • Set client goals and discuss treatment plans.

  • Encourage, support, and listen to clients.

  • Help clients discuss experiences and emotions.

  • Assist clients through complex life changes and challenges.

  • Educate clients on strategies and coping skills.

  • Refer clients to resources like psychiatrists, treatment facilities, or community services.

  • Access client needs and develop a strategy to help.

  • Maintain good working relationships with support networks, government, and community resources.

  • Help clients with substance abuse, bullying, anger management, depression, relationships, stress, and suicide.



  • Clinical Social Work License for North Carolina - LCSW(A) (Required)

  • Home Office - HIPPA-compliant space, computer with video call capability, high-speed internet


Mission: To empower, support, and inspire clients to live their best lives.

Vision: To establish Genesis Balance Counseling as the premier provider of the most elite mental health care services in the United States while maintaining our dedication and commitment to first-class client care as we grow.


Pay Transparency: Genesis Balance compensation is standardized across clinicians based on time with the company and performance tiers such that employees have significant control over influencing their hourly rate. Hourly rates are just one component of Genesis Balance's total compensation package. Additional pay opportunities include professional development assistance, paid training, paid time off, and program-specific continued education training compensation. Also, Genesis Balance offers healthcare coverage to all full-time employees. A candidate's salary history is not used in determining compensation.

LCSW employees earn $40 - $75/hr (time with company + performance)

LCSW-A employees earn $30 - $60/hr (time with company + performance)

Application Process: Candidates interested in joining the Genesis Balance team must apply and submit their resume. We carefully evaluate all applications to ensure that candidates meet the minimum qualifications for consideration. Qualified applicants can anticipate receiving an invitation to schedule a phone screening. During this screening, applicants will verify their administrative data and provide any missing information for their file. Additionally, the phone screener will provide applicants with a general overview of the company, its benefits, and address any non-clinical inquiries. Following the phone screening, we thoroughly review the completed application to assess the applicant's potential to contribute to the company's mission. Applicants who are selected to proceed will receive an invitation to schedule a clinical interview. This interview assesses the applicant's clinical competency through various simulated scenarios. Successful applicants will be offered a job and will begin the onboarding process. Regardless of the outcome, all applicants will be notified of their file status.

Note 1: Applicants, please have your NC LCSW(A) license, NPI, and CAQH numbers readily available during the phone screening or include them in your resume.

EEO Statement: Genesis Balance Counseling PLLC ("Genesis Balance") is an Equal Opportunity Employer that strictly prohibits discrimination or harassment. Genesis Balance is committed to ensuring equal employment opportunities for all employees and maintaining a work environment free from discrimination and harassment. At Genesis Balance, all employment decisions are made based on business needs, job requirements, and individual qualifications without any regard to race, color, religion or belief, gender, sexual orientation, or any other protected status as defined by the laws or regulations in the locations where we operate. Genesis Balance does not tolerate discrimination or harassment based on any of these characteristics. Applicants of all demographics are encouraged to apply.



  • Paid Time Off

  • Health Insurance

  • Vision and Dental Plans

  • Flexible Schedule / Fully Remote

  • Professional Development Assistance


Additional Information:

  • Hybrid Remote Options

  • Telehealth Provider

  • Private Practice


Want to become part of our team for a more flexible and balanced approach to providing care to the community?

Join our At-Home Professional Workforce - APPLY NOW!

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