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Overcome School Year Stress

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

If you’re anything like me, September kicks off the stress and insanity of a new school year. For me, it means getting re-adjusted to school schedules, a new slew of dance classes, helping with homework assignments that get more complicated by the day, and any other new extracurricular activities the little people need to be shuttled to on any given day. This doesn’t even take into account the fact that you still have work and home responsibilities. And this combination is a perfect recipe for stress and situational anxiety.

Why not forge a preemptive attack on the upcoming stress by learning some new coping skills that will help you deal with your unique and personal triggers that will arise during this school year.

Is your stress level related to a constant struggle to get the kids up and out the door on time? Are you having to battle with the kiddos to do their homework? Are you feeling guilty or conflicted over balancing your work duties with home life?

Whatever your concerns are, I can help!

Now is the time to take charge of your life and your family. You know the stress is coming. But this time you can be prepared and control it. By getting started with counseling services now, I can help you transition into September with ease and learn how to check off tasks on your to-do list while still being able to enjoy time with the most important people in your life; your family.

Don’t let September stress sneak up on you. Schedule an appointment with me today!

Would you like to work with me? Reach out via phone at 910-745-0303 or fill out the contact form on the website.

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