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The Importance of Life Balance

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Somehow, this post didn’t make the move with me to the new website. However, it's still relevant, so here’s a throwback from last year, August 6, 2017:

We recently took the training wheels off my daughter's bike. At seven years old, she was a bit of a late bloomer in our neighborhood when it came to bike riding, so the hubby and I decided to log some overtime with helping her learn. At first, it seemed she had no interest in learning to ride a bike and it was clear the she actually dreaded practicing her riding skills. As I watched her attempt to ride, I noticed that her biggest problem was that she lacked balance. She was constantly leaning too heavily on one side or the other. The

​result was her falling off (even with training wheels, which I found quite impressive!) and not being able to go anywhere. It occurred to me how important balance is, not only in bike riding, but in life.

How often do we lean too much in one direction causing us to fall where we are and keep us from moving forward? Or worst, as with my daughter, stop us from even trying to move forward? If you find yourself constantly thinking, "I want to be happy", or wondering how to be happy, I’d suggest taking a serious audit of self and see if you are off balance in one or more areas of your life. Working toward a balanced life is the key to reaching our full potential and meeting our life goals.

Sure, it’s great to want to have a successful career, but are you finding happiness? True happiness? If it's at the expense of your relationship with your significant other, or your kids, I'd guess not. Why? Because there is value in work life balance. And caring for others is an admirable quality, but are you leaving time to care for yourself? If not, is that the reason you feel so burned out and you’ve been unable to meet your personal goals?

In life, there must be give and take, push and pull. Just like riding a bike, you have to figure out where your balance is. I'd argue that this is the true key to happiness. But, luckily, just like with learning to ride a bike, if you work at it, you can learn to balance and move forward, gliding towards the things that make you happy.

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