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Transform Your Mindset: Take the 7 Day Positivity Challenge

A calendar with "think positive" written on each day in green highlighter.
Think positive calendar

Are you ready to take on the 7 day Positivity Challenge? It's time to shift your focus from the negative experiences that have been weighing you down and start embracing a more positive outlook on life! I understand that sometimes it can be difficult to find that positive mindset, but with some guidance and support, you can overcome this challenge and start living your best life. I'm here to help!

The first step in the 7 day Positivity Challenge is to acknowledge the negative headspace you may have found yourself in. It's important to recognize that this negativity is not serving you well and is preventing you from experiencing the happiness and fulfillment you deserve. By identifying the negative experiences that have been dominating your thoughts, you can begin to consciously shift your focus towards the positive aspects of your life.

Once you've acknowledged the negative headspace, it's time to start reprioritizing your positivity and well-being. This means actively choosing to focus on the positive experiences and aspects of your life, rather than dwelling on the negative ones. Below, I'll provide you with some tools and strategies to help you make this shift and maintain a positive mindset in your daily life.

The 7 day Positivity Challenge is not about ignoring or denying the existence of negative experiences, but rather about changing your perspective and choosing to see the good in every situation. It's about cultivating gratitude, practicing self-care, and surrounding yourself with positive influences. With my list of my favorite 7 ways to inject positivity, you will learn how to reframe negative thoughts and find joy in even the smallest moments.

By participating in the 7 day Positivity Challenge, you are taking an active step towards living your best life. You are investing in your own happiness and well-being, and we are here to support you every step of the way. I believe that everyone has the power to create positive change in their lives, and I'm excited to help you on your journey towards a more positive and fulfilling future.

Remember, having a positive outlook doesn’t mean you won’t experience negative moods, thoughts, feelings, or issues. Maintaining optimism just means you can bounce back a lot quicker when things don’t go your way. We refer to this as resilience. This makes it easier to use a negative experience as a learning tool. This is easiest when we are well rested, engaging in daily physical activity, have a good support system, and are doing things you really enjoy. 

Naturally, you may want to understand how the negativity took over and why. Knowing and understanding the “why” can help making changes feel easier! I’ll list a few scenarios where negativity tends to come from but I'll save the details for another post. Especially since we want to promote a positive outlook! A potential negativity trap is creating expectations that are out of our control. If the expectations are not met we may feel disappointed, frustrated or hopeless and that is totally normal, but if you are already in a negative mindset it may not be as easy to bounce back from the pitfall. One potential way we set ourselves up for negativity is by expecting something bigger, better or different than the result we got. In this case the negative outlook is a matter of tweaking or reframing our thoughts about our expectations and outcomes. Another source of the negativity could be habit. Sometimes we form habits without realizing it as a way to get through day-to-day living. If you set a daily intention to be mindful rather than operating in auto-pilot you’ll have an easier time changing positive thinking into a habit. 

Now let’s talk about some helpful activities to cultivate positivity. Replacing negative reactions or behaviors with any of the following can turn into an outlook overhaul for the better! 

  1. Positive Word of The Day – Similar to an affirmation, choose a positive word to sprinkle throughout each day. You can use this word to replace any negative word you hear yourself begin to use. You can also set yourself an alarm on your phone for every hour on the hour to repeat your positive word a certain amount of times. Using a positive word can change the tone of your thoughts. Depending on the positive word you choose, it can help set an intention or focus for your day and at the very least serve as a reminder to choose positivity. 

  2. Set Yourself A Reminder – Choose a way to remind yourself (set an alarm, write a post-it note, or put it on your calendar) to find a “silver lining” in  each situation or issue that is beginning to take a negative root for you. In doing so, you are reframing your negative thought into a positive one. Most, if not all situations have a silver lining. 

  3. Look Elsewhere – If you are struggling to find something positive about a situation, look elsewhere. Positive stuff is constantly happening all around us, we just have to make a habit to look for it. 

  4. Laugh – Did you know there are studies that show laughter is a form of therapy? Laughter can relieve sadness, release tension and stress, and boost social interaction. If you can laugh at a situation or even yourself, your brain will generate positive brain chemicals. 

  5. Hope Tracking – Whenever you find yourself feeling hopeful about something write it down. Keep a log of these little “glimmers” of hope to look back on. This will remind you that you do have things you are hopeful for, they just get buried in the day-to-day grind at times. 

  6. Fake It 'til You Make It —  Just because something is cliche doesn’t mean it won’t work! If you are feeling stuck in a negative frame of mind, put on a smile anyway. This works best if you're trying to revamp your overall vibe vs. feeling blue due to a specific situation. The goal is to shift your thoughts. It may just stick for the remainder of the day!

  7. Imagine Positive Outcomes – It’s easy to  play out the worst case scenario in our heads, but what if you thought about the best possible outcome? Doing so can help you to envision the action steps you’ll want to take to turn that dream into reality

Now time for the 7 day positivity challenge! I CHALLENGE YOU to:

>> Perform one of these actions each day, for the next 7 days. 

>> Head to our Instagram page @genesisbalance to LIKE our challenge post and SHARE in the comments your positive action for the day. Bonus points if you create your own positive actions!

>> Subscribe to to view a list of positive affirmations and other helpful mental health resources. 

Participating in this challenge will keep you motivated to continue your outlook overhaul AND boost your social support, a mental health plus in-and-of itself!


Thinking we should work together? That’s a great idea! Request a consultation on the website or call directly at 910.830.8772.

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