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Counseling for Anxiety for Young Professionals

You worked hard to get to where you are and you take pride in what you’ve accomplished.  Everyone thinks you have the perfect life and you put forth a lot of effort to keep up that image.  You love your job and always give it 110%, but lately you’ve been feeling drained.  It’s harder for you to focus and you’re becoming forgetful.  Even when you’re doing the work of two people, it never seems to be enough.  You always feel the pressure to prove that you belong.

You used to be more outgoing, but lately a bottle of wine and the remote control have been your best friends.  Your relationships are suffering, but you don’t know how to fix it.  You wish you had someone to talk to about how you’re feeling, but you’re afraid they’ll just think you’ve gone crazy.  You always take care of everyone else, but you feel like there’s no one that can take care of you.

You’ve always worried about things here and there, but now it feels like you’re spiraling and you’ve started to have panic attacks.  You feel like the anxiety is controlling your life and you know something has to change.  You want to find someone that can help you through this, that you can genuinely trust and who will truly understand you and what you’re going through.

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We are Genesis Balance Counseling and we specialize in working with
anxiety, depression, and grief.

We help young professionals who are exhausted from trying to be perfect learn how to relax and find the joy and peace that comes from a life that’s not ruled by anxiety.  Through your time in therapy, you will experience notable change, not only in your anxiety, but in how you feel about yourself and how you interact with and view the world around you.

Yes, there will be homework, because we believe one of the best ways to see a change is to start putting the things you learn with us into practice immediately in your daily life.  Humor and sarcasm will tend to find their way into sessions with us and you will probably find yourself laughing, even through the pain.

We have spent our entire careers working with clients that are overwhelmed, have anxiety, struggle with worry and deal with panic attacks.  We’ll “dig deep” with you to not only help you manage the anxiety, but to address it at its source.  You can expect to have “aha” or breakthrough moments, in which you discover something about yourself you didn’t realize was there during our sessions.

You will come to see us weekly and then adjust as needed, so you have the support you need to move out of crisis mode and into thriving mode.  We keep a small caseload so that you receive the personalized and devoted care you are looking for. We will often integrate a self-care plan and meditation into our work together so you learn to find the calm in the chaos of everyday life.  Therapy may feel like a big deal, but it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable and scary.  It can instead feel like freedom, like the light at the end of the tunnel.

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If you’re ready to stop letting the anxiety control you and  take back your life, contact us for a FREE consultation to learn how therapy with a plan designed specifically for you and the right therapist can help you live your best life.

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