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NC State Professionals

Genesis Balance Counseling, PLLC understands the importance of educator wellness and values every NC Public School Professional. We strive to align supportive resources with the Office of Educator Equity's leadership, ensuring educators can access the necessary tools for their well-being.

Educator Wellness

Build Educator Resilience

When educators participate in our sessions, they leave with coping skills they can apply daily. We provide the support they need to establish and stick to a self-care plan, ensuring long-term well-being. Moreover, by practicing mindfulness and other self-care principles, educators become better mentors to their students and peers, contributing to a healthier work environment.



One of the unique aspects of Genesis Balance is our virtual clinical sessions. We offer flexible access to care for educators across NC at no cost. We understand that educators have busy schedules filled with classes, tutoring sessions, after-school programs, and other activities associated with the teaching environment. Our virtual sessions allow educators to fit self-care into their busy lives.

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