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Hello, I'm Julie

As a therapist in Hampstead, North Carolina, I help adults who are drained from trying to figure out life learn to manage their emotions and begin to enjoy a life that’s not constantly challenged by negative thoughts.  While working with me in therapy, you will begin to see changes not only in how you deal with the twists and turns life throws at you, but also begin to feel more in control of your life.

About Therapy

Will there be homework?  In a word, yes.  The homework assignments I give are designed to help you not just cope, but thrive.  It will get you to the results you’ve been searching for a lot faster.  But don’t worry. There’s nothing formal about our time together.  You can feel free to be exactly who you are, exactly where you are in life right now.  I am your listening ear and sessions with me are your safe space.

I’ve spent my career working with clients that are struggling with big emotions and feel lost on how to move forward.  As a Certified Grief Informed Professional, I’m no stranger in helping clients through the most difficult time in their lives.  Whether you’re suffering from a loss, or just trying to figure out life, I’ll work with you on the deepest levels to clear away the darkness and find the happiness you’re looking for.


We’ll meet weekly and then adjust as needed to make sure you get the best results as quickly as possible.  I never overfill my caseload, so you can be sure that I’ll always have time for you when you need it most.  With your input, I’ll create a treatment plan specific to your needs and help you create a self-care plan that fits your lifestyle.  I understand that therapy is a huge step to take, but I’m here to help you along the journey.  Together we can build resilience for whatever life throws your way, so you can move forward and live your best life!

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